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It is always about focusing on the bigger picture as a side: Kane Williamson

Mumbai : New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has stressed that it is always about focusing on the bigger picture as a team and isn’t fussed over not getting the favourites tag in ICC events.”I am yet to hear the favourites tag. But for us, it is always about focusing on the bigger picture as a side and trying to basically put our energy into taking one step forward at a time. There is certainly nothing special. There is a lot of hard work and planning that goes on in committing to something whole-heartedly as a group. I think it is something which is really important for our team. But you go to tournaments and every team is strong,” said Williamson while speaking at the virtual event where Amazon Prime Video announced its multi-year deal with New Zealand Cricket (NZC) to broadcast New Zealand’s international matches in India.”If you look at the last T20 World Cup, anybody can beat anybody else. There are no promises at those situations.

But as a side, you want to make sure that you are prepared well and are able to go out and play your best cricket to give yourself the best chance of winning, which is important for us as a team.”Overall, we want to keep going in upward direction… there are a number of challenges along the way on a daily basis. As a side it is about sticking together, trying to address those points and keep moving forward,” added the New Zealand skipper.Williamson spoke about how the pandemic has made the schedule tight and how his team focuses on challenges for the future.”I suppose with COVID, there’s been a lot of major cricket in one year with the World Test Championship and then the T20 World Cup. As soon as something finishes, another thing starts. I guess that’s the focus when you are directly involved in the sport.”There’s another T20 World Cup (in Australia next year) that’s not too far away. There seems to be a lot of exciting cricket with a lot of context.”As a side, over the periods of time, we have had players come and go and we always try to navigate those challenges each time to improve and move in the right direction. Throughout this year, as a group, we saw a lot of good signs and had some really good days and a lot of tough ones as well, where we saw them as the best opportunity to learn.”

Overall, we had all of those and it’s great that in some major events, we could go out there and play some really good cricket. But we know that the challenges that lie here are fierce ones and as a side, we are looking forward to preparing for.”Asked whether a documentary on the Blackcaps could be possible, Williamson remarked, “We are yet to have the opportunity presented to us. I think it will be something to consider in the future.”However, as a side, the focus will be very much on the cricket and wanting to make sure that we are authentic to the team environment we have. There have been some really interesting documentaries to watch in terms of sports. But, yeah, watch this space.”The 31-year-old signed off by responding to a question from IANS on live sports matches being broadcasted on streaming platforms.”I suppose it is just the way of the world and that’s where things are going a little bit. Live sports is just the next step. So, for us, it’s really exciting partnership to be involved in and be on this platform. The technology world is moving at a fast pace, so it is really great for New Zealand cricket and our live matches to be moving with that.”



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